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Ceremony of Palace Gate Guard Change        Gyeongbokgung
Ceremony of Palace Gate Guard Change        Deoksugung
Cultural Programs for Foreigners
Official site of Korea Tourism
Visit Korea Year
Yeha Tour         <---Peringatan utk diri sendiri, login guna email with normal pwd~

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Woljeong-ri beach
Tommy Oii Travel Guide - Jeju 


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Life in Korea - Seoul Transportation
Metro Linemap   < Seoul Metro Map - FULL
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Backpackers INSIDE 
Sunshine Guesthouse (Seoul)
Kimchee Guesthouse      
Yeowolmook Jeju


Bomnal GH, Jeju
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Hostels in Busan 
Namsan Guesthouse
Seoul Backpackers
Seoul Youth Hostel
Soul Guesthouse
Yeha Guesthouse in Jeju-Do

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Budget Travel
Mister Korea
Subway Laju


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Aziemart Dot Com



Our Progress:
24 May 2012
Bought the return tickets ^^ KL Incheon, Incheon KL

05 Sept 2012
Bought tickets from Gimpo to Jeju Island

06 Sept 2012
Booked guest house stay at Jeju Island

07 Sept 2012
Complete the full reservation on English Day Tours at Jeju Island

08 Sept 2012
Bought tickets from Jeju Island to Busan

11 Sept 2012
Booked guest house stay at Kim's House in Busan
Booked guest house stay at Backpackers INSIDE in Seoul (fasa 1 - 14-18 Nov)
Booked guest house stay at Backpackers INSIDE in Seoul (fasa 2 - 23-28 Nov)