Monday, 28 December 2009

My Bad Unstoppable Habit

3.27 a.m in the morning.
Gosh! My eyes are still widely open. I'm supposed to be in deep sleep couple of hours ago.
BUT since past weeks I've developed this bad sleeping habit & now it seems that I can't easily get rid of it.

Yes.. being called s an internet maniac.. Im still not done with it.

As crazy as it might sound, that's who I am ,for the time being. I'll try to be the 'normal me' as soon as possible since very-very soon I'll be call 'Cikgu Didi' again.

Arghh the long long holiday is coming to the end!

Heheh actually by saying very-very soon it means that later at 8.00 am I'll meet my pupils for tuition class.

Im still revising the worksheets!